Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well, I didn't really intend for my own desire to make a new recipe everyday to be part of Vegan MOFO (read about it here if you don't know what it is) but here we are!

I am busy working on trying to start my own home baking business (I got my business cards today!) and it's fun but I realize how much goes into doing this but hey, that's why I saved all this money from my temp job. I love life and I love what I'm creating so this is all worth it for me.

On to the food! So I'm going to try really hard to make all 31 days vegan but I am not promising anything (hence why I'm not affiliated with VeganMOFO). So here is what I had for Day #1 and #2. This also means I'm going to try (goddess willing) every day so I can make sure I am back in action on this blog (because I miss it.)

#1: No Bake Cookie Smoothie! (Vegan)

2 T. oats
1 c. ice
3/4 c. vanilla almond milk (or milk of your choice!)
1 T. brown sugar (or sweetener of your choice!)
1 T. cocoa powder
2 T. peanut butter

Dump in blender. Whir. Enjoy!

#2: Pumpkin Almond Granola (Vegan)

I used Everybody Likes Sandwiches adapted recipe and cut it in half and omitted the dried fruit. It was so crunchy, slightly sweet and so perfect for a dreary fall day.

I'm desperately trying to have better pictures even with my Android phone but making a DIY light box really helps! I had so much fun being crafty and making something I will use daily. Now just to get some cute vintage plates to take pictures on.....

See you again tomorrow with two new recipes! (I skipped yesterday so I had to make up for it.) Thanks for reading!