Sunday, July 15, 2012

Instagram Pics!

I feel terrible that I haven't been on here in forever. Here are some Instagram pics with some of the stuff I've been eating and loving and enjoying in the past few months. I promise I will be back soon but working full-time has crushed my spirit a bit (I don't mean to sound depressing, it will all be okay). Enjoy!

Seitan Pepperoni pizza (homemade whole wheat crust, Yves pepperoni, spinach and pineapple)

Chocolate Fun Cake w/ Peanut Butter Frosting

Coconut layer cake w/ Blueberry filling and Blueberry Cream Cheese frosting (for a special friend's birthday!)

Portuguese Orange Olive Oil cake (I will definitely be making this again)

I started making my own veggie broth (and it's so good and so easy and nice to know that I can control my ingredients!)

I'm usually pretty good about health lunches for work like this one: Brown basmati rice w/ tamari glazed tofu and broccoli. So easy and so filling.

Vegan S'mores Pizza from Dimo's Pizza in Chicago

I promise I will be back soon. Thanks for hanging in there everyone!

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