Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Vegan Desserts For a Good Cause!

I made 5 different kinds of vegan sweets today for the Vegan Bakesale for Japan tomorrow at Logan Hardware on Fullerton/Western in Chicago. Stop on down and buy some delicious food for a great cause! (PS - It is supposed to be like 80 degrees outside tomorrow.)

Some of these made the grade. The others either went in the garbage (I hated doing it) or my roommates and I will eat the castoffs. Here is my run down and grades for each one:

Gingerbread Flax Muffins from the Post Punk Kitchen (F):

These were disappointing. I am usually totally happy with PPK's recipes but these were too ginger-y and mine sunk in the middle. It is hard sometimes to predict what vegan cupcakes/muffins will do and I prefer to have a more dense cupcake or muffin than this one. These are the ones I threw away. I hate to waste product and money, but these were pretty inedible. Total failure.

Lemon Blackberry Muffins from My Sweet Vegan (B): Okay, so I only used this recipe as the base but it is pretty much the same thing but with blackberries and some lemon zest added in. I thought the ones that were cooked through were good but the ones that were a tad more full (my fault) were really gooey in the middle. Not good. So I had to get rid of a few but the done ones were pretty darn good. Nice and soft but not too doughy. I would definitely make these again with hopefully better baking results.

Vegan Chewy Chocolate Raspberry Cookies from Fabulous Foods (B): These are not included in the vegan bake sale goods but they are very delicious. They are dense, chocolate-y with a hint of raspberry aroma and flavor. These are good enough for me to eat but not great enough to share with potential buyers. I will say that I would recommend making these because they are a. easy and b. totally yummy.

The Best Pumpkin Muffins from Vegan with a Vengeance (A):

These came out FABULOUS. They did not sink in the middle and browned without becoming dry and overcooked. I sprinkled some slivered almonds on top and they toasted up nicely which added a nice flavor to the warmth of the pumpkin and spices. These made a perfect dozen and will be for sale tomorrow!

And the piece de resistance... Raspberry Jam Swirl Crumbcake from Post Punk Kitchen (A+):

I'm glad I made two of these because I have a feeling that they will go fast. It is tender and sweet but not too sweet for breakfast! This was incredibly easy to make and has one of my favorite qualities: the ability to be easily customizable! Use whatever jam you want, add whatever toppings you want (toasted nuts would be righteous) and the world is your (vegan) oyster. And I will say that PPK definitely won my heart again with this dish (not that I had any doubt really.)

So enjoy and if you make any of these, let me know what you think! And if you are in Chicago, come on by to the bake sale!

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