Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pineapple Enchiladas 1/5 Spoons

(Thanks to Chicago Lynn of allrecipes.com for the picture)

OK, I know this sounds totally disgusting but I'm all about "gross" mixtures of food. (Everything bagels with chocolate chip cream cheese comes to mind.) I love pineapple, I love cheese and I love Mexican food in general. These were just not good. I liked the sweetness of the pineapple but with the enchilada sauce it kinda tasted barf-y in my mouth. I ate like 4 bites because I hate to waste food but I just couldn't finish it.

I love to make complicated, detailed meals but I thought I'd give myself "a night off" and make something easy and I was disappointed. I'll just go back to making asparagus risotto (which admittedly is not that hard to make) and black pepper tofu (I'll talk about these recipes in other posts, they are PHENOMENAL.) I don't think I could really change anything in this to make it better, it is just not that thrilling.

I give this recipe:

1/5 spoons!

I know the exclamation point is unwarranted but hey, it's my blog bitches.

PS - If you have suggestions of recipes to try and for me to rate, I'd love to hear from you. You can leave me a comment here or e-mail me at jaclynkaters@gmail.com. Obviously it has to be vegetarian or vegan and I'll make anything within reason (I want to eat it or my roommates will, it doesn't have raisins and doesn't have like gelatin in it, etc.) Keep me cooking guys!

New post tomorrow loveys! Thanks for reading!

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  1. man, pineapple and cheese is usually such a killer combo. i think i need to make a pizza with pineapple and cheese on it soon.