Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf 5/5 Spoons

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So is anyone else like a psycho for pumpkin once the cold weather rolls around? God knows I'm not the only one. Obviously sweetly savory type treats like pumpkin pie and ginger molasses cookies are a huge deal around Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mostly made this because I have a bad habit of picking up a bag of Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips ANYTIME I am at the grocery store. And like Lindsay Funke and an open bottle of vodka, I feel like if I open a bag of chocolate chips I must eat them RIGHT NOW ; like they will go bad or something. (We all know that is a lie I love to tell myself.)

Now onto the recipe.... I wanted to make these vegan (because I think it would be really easy) but I had two eggs to use up, so I figured I would make it as described. I put a lot more chocolate chips in that said, used mostly brown sugar instead of white sugar and I made it into a loaf instead of muffins and I thought it came out wonderful. It is tender without a lot of fat (only 1/4 c. oil) and a light pumpkin flavor. I thought the spices were just right and this would be ideal warmed with a dab of Earth Balance spread on top.

I give this recipe:

5/5 spoons!

Black pepper tofu tomorrow kiddos. IT'S SO GOOD. I bet you just can't wait.

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