Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homemade Black Bean Burgers 4/5 Spoons

I've had about one million (give or take) veggie and black bean burgers in the last 10 years or so. When you can't find any other exciting veggie option, you can always find a veggie or bean burger. They are a consummate go-to meal but really they are pretty damn boring. And I'm not saying these are perfect but I actually crave these black bean burgers unlike any others I've purchased, ate at a restaurant or have made myself before.

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So when I make these, I double the recipe. These are awesome to keep on hand in the fridge or even freeze to have on hand for a quick lunch. I always serve these with whole wheat rolls, ketchup and deli mustard. I should be a little more exciting and throw some lettuce, onions and tomatoes in the mix but I always try to do as little chopping as possible with these. Actually when I want to smash the beans and chop the garlic, onion and pepper.... I always do it in my food processor! It totally rules and saves me from having to use our shitty potato masher.

Actually the only thing I would change in these burgers is maybe putting less chili powder in the mix. This last time that I ate them, it was a tad overwhelming. I almost always cook mine on the stove top in an oiled pan but this last time I tried baking them in the oven. Eh, not as good. You don't get a crispy outside when you bake these. So you can allow yourself a little bit of oil to eat these otherwise totally healthy burgers. Be careful when you flip them though because sometimes they like to fall apart. These have a nice dense texture and a wonderful smoky flavor.

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I give this recipe:

4/5 Spoons!

Ok, I will probably do a dessert next, they are my favorite to write about!

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