Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip 2/5 Spoons

So... did you guys know that the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl? You didn't? Well where have you been? I grew up with my family watching football and me totally hating it. As I've aged, I've felt much more pride and excitement for my hometown football team. This encouraged me to actually watch several football games (all the way through!) and then the Superbowl. And to quell my excitement for the day I made this dip and Packer cupcakes (which I'll review later).

(Photo courtesy of Food Network.... this a terrible picture but I love Alton Brown)

So I really didn't like this dip that much. I hated the stringy spinach and wish I would have used fresh spinach instead. And as much as I love dairy products, this was too much even for me. I added the pepper flakes and some bites would be SUPER hot and others were totally bland, so I didn't really get the addition. I would probably use hot sauce instead so it would incorporate better.

I really don't plan on making this again. I'm sad that I made a crummy Alton Brown recipe but I will never lose faith in him! If anyone has better spinach artichoke dip recipes they would like to share with me, I'd love to see them!

(Photo courtesy of Link Music)

I give this recipe:

2/5 Spoons!

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